Custom Batteries:

Many of today’s personal and commercial electronics have very unique batteries. These batteries often can only be found through the device’s manufacturer at a very high price. Battery Depot can custom build most battery packs at significant cost savings. Items such as: 2-Way Radios, Scanners, Cordless Tools, Razors & Shavers, UPS Systems, Battery Back Up, Exit Lighting, Children’s Toys, Power Wheels, and Specialty Packs-just to name a few.

Interstate Batteries:

With 15 million batteries sold every year around the world, Interstate is the # 1 replacement battery. With Interstate’s top technology and industry leading warranty, it’s a ‘no brainer’ when it comes to replacing it. If you rely on your car day in and day out, why would you go with anything short of the most dependable battery on the market?

Commercial Applications

We carry heavy duty batteries for any and all commercial applications including Floor Scrubbers, Semi Trucks, Farm Equipment, Road Equipment, Back Hoes, Buses, Trains, RV’s, Scissor Lifts, Sump Pumps, and much more…

Industrial Batteries

We offer sales and service for all Industrial Applications including Fork-lifts and Pallet Jacks. Please contact us for more information!


We offer Starting, Deep-Cycle and Dual-Purpose batteries for all types of boats and marine applications as well as Batteries for personal watercraft applications such as Jet-ski, Wave Runner, Jet Boats and many more

Trojan Golf Cart batteries:

At Battery Depot we carry the best, and in the golf cart industry Trojan is the name. Since 1925, customers have depended on Trojan quality which is demonstrated in the performance, reliability and durability of our deep-cycle battery products. Trojan’s quality commitment extends to developing continuous process improvements, working with quality suppliers while delivering world class service and support. And since we buy in bulk, we bring you the best prices around. Whether it’s 6, 8, or 12 volt, AGM or Wet filled, we have you covered at Battery Depot . Give us a call to help you get the right battery for your application and get you back on the trails.

Household and Everyday:

With our fast-paced society becoming more and more dependent on our electrical devices, we carry the highest quality replacement batteries with a lot of them coming with a one year free replacement. Don’t be that guy on tv with their cell phones catching fire because they didn’t use a quality battery, instead be the guy that keeps talking while your buddies are looking for their charger. Rechargeable, Laptop, Desktop, UPS Systems, Cordless Phone, Cellular Phone – All Makes & Models, Watch, Clock, Calculator, iPod & MP3, PDA, Sweeper & Vacuum, Key Fob, Garage Door Opener, Dog Collar, Alkaline – AA/AAA/9V/D/C/AAAA, N Cell, J Cell, Digital Camera, Digital Video, Camcorder, Film/Flash Camera, Flashlight, Lantern, Lithium, Meter, Radio and More…

Cordless Drills, Hunting Lights:

Using the highest quality recharable batteries, Battery Depot can take your worn down power tools and make them as good as new and usually even better! Using a higher MAH battery we can keep those power tools running stronger for longer life at a affordable price. With the high cost of hunting lights and the demand for better products, we stive to keep you going for less. With a affordable rebuild on your hunting light from Battery Depot, we can give you a good, if not better, run time and the peace of mind that you’re not going to get stuck in the dark.

Renewable energy batteries:

With demands growing around the world for a alterative power source, more and more people are turning to battery power. With the technologies advancing in new deep cycle batteries, we are able to run a larger load for longer period of time. At Battery Depot we will work with you and your needs to get the right product for your application. This is a must for the first-timer, there are so many options out there to choose from and we want you to get the best bang for your buck. Give us a call or stop by our convenient location for a free consultation on your next renewable energy batteries.